Birth – 1 Year

We provide a no-cost, full-day, year-long early education to 2020 Flint children from birth to age 5.

At this age range, we are especially fostering independence and social well being. We encourage language use and really stress identification of emotions. This age group begins to learn fine motor skills and are encourage to use gross motor skills for full body movement, especially when it comes to strength and in-hand motion. Kids will eat and sleep on demand not just on a set schedule, they will sleep if they are tired. This age group will get two parent teacher conferences as well as two home visits per year to assess family needs and discuss goal progress.

0-12 month age range

For this age range, we provide all formula but will accept milk, if preferred. We do have a lactation room on site. We also have dietitians on staff, as we support the child’s eating habits and communicate with families on foods as to what foods they would like to try or not try and how and when to introduce foods. We follow all SIDS/Safe Sleep protocols and receive annual training. Children sleep in a crib until 12 months with nothing inside and can go onto a cot at 12 months with a blanket. We maintain a 4:1 child/caregiver ratio at minimum. Parents will get daily updates on things like eating, toileting as well as developmental and educational goals via the app LifeCubby. We will provide diapers and wipes and pull ups. We offer outdoor experiences daily (twice per day for about 30 min each time) weather dependent.