Why We’re Here

Educare Flint opened on December 4, 2017, as the second of two early childhood schools established in the wake of the Flint water crisis. Educare Flint plays a crucial role in efforts underway to improve the quality and variety of early childhood education opportunities available to Flint kids—from cradle to college and career.

Educare Flint employs a two-generation approach to learning and development, which recognizes the critical tie between parents’ well-being and their children’s social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development.  Both centers offer full-day, full-year comprehensive programs that include health, nutrition, and family support services—all centered around the Educare Network’s emphasis on data utilization, professional development, high-quality teaching, and intensive family engagement.

Educare Flint is formed as a joint partnership of the Flint Early Childhood Collaborative, a diverse group of motivated partners working together to instigate opportunity for Flint’s youngest children. Educare Flint and its partners work to inform public policies and practices, to open new doors for Flint’s youngest children and their families, and to serve as a pilot to other communities in Michigan and the U.S.