Success Stories

Asia Moody - NSL Participant

I started the NSL program unsure of my next steps in life. I attended an informational session knowing I needed to make a change. That first step changed my life in many ways. I have a full time job and was recently promoted to manager. I have a house I can call my own and a safe and stable home for my children. Most importantly, I was able to find my inner strength and make some hard but necessary choices. NSL embraced me and gave me just the right push to do and be what I knew I could. Our strength lies within. Sometimes we need that special connection to pull out what’s been covered.

Sanika Williams - Parent Ambassador Team Leader and NSL Participant

Sanika Williams is focused on a brighter future for herself and her family. During the 2019/2020 school year, Sanika became the Parent Ambassadors Team Leader and enrolled in Educare's family literacy program Never Stop Learning. Ms. Williams is currently working on obtaining her GED while she focus on growing her cleaning business Sassy Sanitations.

Carmill Martin – NSL Participant

Ms. Martin had hopes of working with preschoolers her first day attending NSL. Today she works with Head Start children as a full time employee!

Palena Chambers - NSL participant and Parent Ambassador

The Parent ambassador program has helped me to be a better mother and help make a difference in the lives of others.
NSL is a motivational program that has taught me to be a leader with a purpose. I learned about the importance of financial literacy and how to deal with my emotions as a parent.