3 – 5 Years

We provide a no-cost, full-day, year-long early education to 220 Flint children from birth to age 5.

This age group stays with the same classroom for two years until they go to kindergarten. We have an 8:1 caregiver per child supervision for 3-year-olds and 9:1 for 4-year-olds, with additional support in the room, as needed. 3-year-olds work on social and emotional learning growth. At this age, they start to get into more complex routines. We support further encouragement of independence and self-help skills and the children are increasing their fine and gross motor skills. The fine motor skills are really focused on writing numbers and letters. 4-year-olds are focused on kindergarten readiness. We really attend to the components of KRA – Kindergarten Readiness Assessment as well as the state of Michigan’s standards. This age has a focus on problem solving and mathematical processes, literacy and language. The age will have set meal times for breakfast, lunch and snack and will have naps at a set time at minimum of 45 minutes. There is no forced sleep. As we encourage rest, we can do something productive after 20 minutes of rest. This age range will also get two 30 minute outdoor play sessions (weather dependent). We have more large group experiences to build community and a family feel. We follow a play based curriculum – Creative Curriculum – which follows the children’s interest in play and allows us to intentionally ask the right questions to increase the learning experience. In this age group, we no longer have a primary care giver to give daily updates, but will still get two parent teacher conferences and two home visits per year to assess family needs and discuss goal progress.

  • The kids are provided a number of services at these ages, including:
    • Duration
    • Ratios
    • Evaluations
    • Staff Qualifications
    • Evidence Based Processing